The Royal Society

Nowadays, The Royal Society is the only operating society, which was established in 1660 with the support of the king of England Charles the 2nd. The idea of its establishment was meant to promote the science and increase its role in the society of that time. As of today, the society functions as the official counselor of the British government. It presented to the world the first journal dedicated to the science in 1665. Thus, the society’s publication, “The Royal Society Publishing” was established. It also pioneered the process of expert reference, which is now widely used around the world. The Royal Society has played an important role in many fundamental discoveries, especially in the development of the science history, and it still continues to amaze the world with special achievements.

The users of Ilia State University library have an opportunity to access online journals of “The Royal Society Publishing”, which includes many branches of science such as, biology, physics, engineering, mathematics, etc.