Purchase Information Resources

1. Purchase types

Ilia State University Library coordinates purchasing procedures of information resources (books, magazines and newspapers, electronic databases, etc.) for educational and research purposes by appealing to Ilia State University academic and administrative personnel.

Purchase is done within various forms and formats: by an individual, by a group, by a faculty, or by an institution – scientific grant (foreign donor organization), scientific grant (Georgian donor organization), exclusive contract, contract of state purchases, etc.

2. Responsibility for purchase

The library administration secures purchase of information resources on the basis of a demand form provided by the administrative personnel and puts them in the physical and/or virtual space.

3. Purchase procedures and dates

On the basis of the produced demand the library processes data and prepares the information resource for purchase. Different purchase formats have different dates and procedures;

4. Availability of the purchased resources

The purchased information resources are recorded in the balance sheet of the library and are available at the Ilia State University library and reading halls considering their thematic/content and practical belonging. The customer has the rightful advantage to use the purchased resource. However, in case of demand from the library’s user, the information resource becomes available according to the established procedure and taking into account corresponding dates.

5. Responsibility of the administrative/academic personnel

Those who want to make a purchase of the information resources can:

  1. Send a demand on purchasing the information resource addressing it to the head of the administration of University through ERP and through Edoc of proceedings;
  2. Indicate all the data about the resource to be purchased;
  3. Observe the agreed terms;

6. The deadlines

The purchase of the information resource is possible under different dates:

  1. Internet store – placing the order: 2 weeks; distribution depending on the duration of the shipping and sum;
  2. Georgian books: preparation of the contract 2 weeks; distribution – within 10 working days;
  3. Exclusive contract, the contract appropriate for the state purchase: 3 weeks;

Please note that these deadlines are liable to change – extension of the dates is possible if:

  • The library is working on different purchase projects at the same time;
  • The procedure becomes complicated or is delayed due to reasons independent from the library;
  • The list includes the type of information resource which requires special terms of distribution;
  • The distributor failed to observe the dates established by the contract;
  • It is due to any reason arising independent from the library;

7. Procedures

Procedures are also liable to change according to different purchase formats and apart from the demand and filled form they might require inclusion of the following data in the demand:

Scientific grant:

  1. The receiver, an individual or organization, of the grant (the head of the grant);
  2. The organization which issues the grant;
  3. The number of the grant;
  4. The name of the grant;
  5. The duration date of the grant;
  6. The sum due for the grant in the appropriate currency.