Reserve a Book

Dear readers, at Iliauni Libraries you can:

  1. Order books electronically to borrow it;
  2. Address a librarian personally to read literature on the spot.
  • Readers will receive information about the place of accessibility and dates of the electronically ordered book via e-mail within one working day;
  • Reserved book is kept for 2 days for a reader;
  • To order a book electronically, please, fill in the Please note that you must write the author and title of the book in the same language you want to read it in. To order Georgian literature electronically you must use Georgian Unicode – Sylfaen.
  • Please take into account that you must write the name of the author and title of the book correctly in the electronic order form;
  • In case of not knowing the name of the author or title of the book you can search for the needed literature on the website of the National Library –, or with the help of Iliauni‘s Electronic Catalogue-

After finding the author and title of the book, you must fill in the electronic order form.

In case you have further questions, contact us on the

We wish you good luck!