Checking out books

The policy extends to the library of Ilia State University

How can I check out a book?

In order to check out and use a book you can:

  1. Address to a librarian personally

Within 30 minutes of ordering a book you will receive full and comprehensive information about the desired literature like:

  • Whether or not the book you are looking for is available in our library;
  • If it is possible to check out the book;
  • How long can you check out the book;
  • Where and when can you check out the book;
  • In case the book is not in our library you can check it out by using interlibrary service;
  • If the book is not found in our partner libraries where can you search for it.

  2. Order a book electronically

Fill in this form to order a book electronically

Please note that you must write the author and title of the book in the same language you want to read it in. To order Georgian literature electronically you must use Georgian Unicode – Sylfaen.

  • Within one working day after placing an order you will receive information by e-mail if the book is accessible or not;
  • The reserved book is kept for the reader for two days;
  • When ordering a book in the electronic format you should indicate the author and title exactly;
  • In case of not knowing the author or title of the book you can identify the needed literature in the electronic catalogue (OPAC);
  • See the guide for searching literature in the library catalogue (OPAC)

In case of further questions write to us on:

What books can I check out?

The process of checking out in each library unit depends on the category, quantity and demand frequency of a book.

Books that do not belong to the following category are available for a checkout:

  • The library has only one copy of the ordered book;
  • Periodicals (magazines, newspapers);
  • Rare books (rare publications, old books);
  • Video and audio material (DVD, CD);
  • Dictionaries;
  • Encyclopedias

How long can I check out a book?

The process of checking out depends on the category, quantity and demand frequency of a book.

  • Fiction – 2 months;
  • Text-books (if the library has enough of them) – 1 semester;
  • Text-books (if the library does not have enough of them) – 1-7 days;
  • Readers – 1 semester;
  • Books from another category – 14-30 days

The date of giving out a book contained on the book card is an official information according to which it must be returned. Users are obliged to return a book after the stated period.

Readers are able to postpone the return date if there is no demand on a book.

How many books can I check out simultaneously?

Readers can simultaneously check out 15 books from the reading halls.

How can I postpone return of a book?

The return date of a book can be postponed personally or by writing to the E-mail

The return date of a book can be postponed if there is no demand on the book under consideration.

What are the consequences if I fail to return the book in time, damage or don’t return it at all?

  • When 21 days have passed after the designated return date and a user fails to return the book, he\she will not be allowed to check out information resources from the same reading hall.;
  • In case the book is lost, a user has to submit another one with the same title and other information resource which has a high demand rate;
  • In order to get a diploma students have to present documents which confirm that they are not in debt with the library otherwise they will not be entitled to get the diploma;
  • If users damage resources or inventory belonging to the library and they are found guilty responsibility falls on them to compensate for the loss fully.

When do I receive a warning from the administration of the library?

Readers receive a warning from the library administration in the following cases:

  • When the return date of a book has expired;
  • When the book with a high demand is requested by another student;
  • About the sanctions received for not obeying rules of conduct

Not receiving notification about the expiry of a book return date does not free users from an obligation.