Project MUSE is a leading provider of digital material in the humanities and social sciences that is aimed for scientific community. It was established as a result of non-commercial partnership between libraries and publications

In the 20 years of its existence Project MUSE gained reputation for being the reliable source, easily accessible for the community because of its high quality scientific material.

As of today, Project MUSE provides access to 200 university publications, as well as books and journals of scientific community around the world. Its database includes more than 300 000 reviewed academic journals and up to 700 000 electronic books.

The goal of Project MUSE is to provide each member of the scientific community with necessary high quality resources by introducing innovations and partnership development processes.

Nowadays, more than 2700 leading libraries offer their users the electronic databases of Project MUSE and Ilia State University, which is the only authorized user of the database in Georgia, is among them.